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Welcome to Larkhall Driving Lessons, where a pass is just around the corner. We’re a small team of local, fully qualified and fully insured driving instructors with many years of experience in teaching lessons to students of all ages, from 16+.

One of the most common misconceptions is that you’re learning to drive, however, that’s not entirely true. What we’re actually teaching you is how to pass your test, and we’re extremely good at that, with a very high pass rate.

There’s a very small amount of actual driving and skills you need to learn to pass your test. So, it’s not until you get out into the real world and travel about to different places and deal with different situations and road infrastructures that you truly learn to drive.

It’s like going to university for example. If you’re studying to become a lawyer, you learn enough of the skills to get you a job. It’s not until you actually get a job start taking on real cases with real clients that you learn how to truly be a lawyer.

There’s no substitute for real-world experience, and the same is true for driving. Which you only get once you get your licence.

When you book your first lessons in Larkhill, we’ll make sure you get the best instructor for your needs. They’ll teach you what you need in the most efficient way possible.

Being situated right outside Glasgow City, we have perfect access to a wide range of driving conditions. Including city, country and motorway driving.

If you’re interested in getting driving lessons in Larkhall, contact us now to book your lessons.

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Automatic vs Manual Driving Lessons

Although automatic driving lessons are more in demand, we can still offer you the use of a manual car for driving lessons.

Many of our learners will be taught by a family member or friend to begin with. It’s often free and much more accessible to them.

Depending on if you’re taught in a manual or automatic car, you’ll want to continue lessons in Larkhall with us in the same type of car, and that’s not a problem.

If you’ve never driven before, you can choose either type to learn in. There are pros and cons to each one, the main ones being.

Automatic Lessons

Pro: These are typically easier and quicker for most people to learn in. Due to the fact you don’t have to worry about changing gears. 

Con: The only downside to learning in an automatic is that you won’t be allowed to drive manual cars.

Manual Lessons

Pro: Lessons in a manual car allows you to drive both manual and automatic cars for as long as you hold a valid licence.

Con: Lessons in a manual car is the most difficult and time-consuming way, as you need to learn gear changes.

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Driving Lessons Using Your Own Car

A lot of our learners begin with a family member or friend, and use their car to learn to drive. When you get used to a certain car, it can be difficult to adjust and get used to a new car all over again. So, we can give you lessons in any car that suits you.

Our instructors are fully insured to teach in any car and have plenty of experience with different types of cars, so you’re in safe hands.

You can also sit your test in your own car too, then once you pass you’re ready to hit the road right away.

Sometimes, we might be able to offer a small discount if you’re using your own vehicle for lessons. Because you’ll be using your own fuel, and not adding any mileage or wear and tear to the instructors car.

It’s extremely important to make sure you’re fully insured for any vehicle you use. There can be serious legal consequences if you’re caught without this, or if you’re involved in an accident. It’s also important to cover against common issues such as windshield repair or accident towing.

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Driving Lessons Practical & Theory

It’s easy to focus purely on the actual practical part, but don’t forget, there’s a 2-part theory to learn as well. But we can help you with this also.

You’ll sit your theory in a local test centre, and it’s a fixed fee of £23. If you pass the theory and don’t pass your practical within 2 years, then you’ll have to re-sit your theory.

Multiple-choice questions

This is a timed set of multiple-choice questions done on a computer. You’ll need to score above a certain percentage to pass.

Hazard perception

This is a video test where you’ll need to spot hazards on the road and score above a certain percentage to pass.

Cost Of Driving Lessons

Getting lessons and passing your test in Larkhall can be expensive. There’s no way to tell upfront, as some people get free lessons to start with from family and friends.

Some start with a driving instructor, some people pass their test the first time. Others take multiple attempts. So, let’s break down the costs that can be involved.

Driving Lessons in Larkhall

These are typically in the range of about £40-50 per 1-hour driving lesson. Many driving instructors will offer discounts on your first lesson though. Booking multiple lessons upfront (usually called block lessons) can see you get a discount too.

Theory Test

The theory test costs £23, and is valid for 2 years.


Practical Test

Your practical costs £62 if you have use of your own vehicle. If you need to use your instructors vehicle, this could cost you an extra £40-50.

Practical Driving Test

The dreaded day has come, but don’t worry, it’s important to try and stay as calm and relaxed as possible. This helps prevent any mistakes out of nerves.

We’ll teach you as best as we can to keep calm, and part of this is a mock driving test. The conditions will be replicated and you’ll get told if you would’ve passed or failed.

This can be a great indication if you’re ready, or if you need further lessons. It’s also a great indicator of the things you’re struggling with. We can focus more on these in the next driving lessons.

You can choose to sit your test in your own car, or in your instructors car. Using your instructors car will cost an additional fee, usually just the cost of a 1-hour lesson.

Before you begin driving, the examiner will ask you to perform a few basic tasks. Such as reading a numberplate on a car a certain distance away to check your eyesight. If you fail this, you instantly fail everything and won’t be allowed to continue.

It’s best to get an eye test done before you start driving lessons in Larkhall. Many people think their eyesight is fine, but are actually below the legal requirement. 

Once you’re on the road, it’s similar to your normal Larkhall driving lessons. Your examiner will guide you with directions and instructions on what manoeuvres he wants you to perform, such as parallel parking, reverse parking, hill start etc.

Once finished, you’ll go back to the start and be told whether you passed or failed. If you failed, you’ll need to re-book again, but if you passed, you’ll be able to drive away on your own, assuming you have your own vehicle and correct insurance.

We’re looking for a driving instructor / school to sub contract our work to. If you’re interested in receiving more work from Larkhall, please send us an email.

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